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Backing up data involves some form of removable media, such as magnetic tapes or USB/flash drives.

The use of physical media brings its own problems as you need to keep multiple copies of data to be able to recover to different points. This not only means having to store large quantities of physical media; it means having to have a plan to cycle the media and re-use it in the correct sequence. This is a big responsibility on the staff, with a big chance of human error. It also means that if you do need to recover something, there are inevitable delays in locating and loading the correct copy.

Cloud backup eliminates all of these issues. For example, it’s always available, there’s no need to worry about locating the right media when it’s needed. Another big advantage in using the cloud is that it’s easy to scale the amount of storage. If there’s an expansion in the number of employees meaning an increase in the amount of data to be backed up, storage in the cloud can easily be increased to cope.

Cloud storage is mostly priced according to the amount you use, so you do not end up paying for unnecessary space.

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